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SLB eGo-V True VV Pass Through eGo 3.0-6.0v LCD Screen - BLACK


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Date Added: 12/12/2013 by Timothy Holt
I had two of them. Both lasted over a year, lost one, still use one. I LOVE them.... lasted 3/4 day ...

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Date Added: 02/25/2013 by Terrance Brown
I loved this but the main button was weird and just didnt feel right, PS these things do not last lo...

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Date Added: 02/04/2013 by Kimberly Nowack
This is a decent variable voltage battery. A couple things I have noticed is that it continues to fi...

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Date Added: 02/01/2013 by Keith Kapple
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. Button is too small and the thing shuts off all the time....

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Date Added: 01/26/2013 by Neil Spotts
I Loved this battery and all the functions it possesses but I wish it had been built a little bit be...

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Date Added: 01/22/2013 by charles rowe
Overall this is a great battery- but i do have a few big gripes with it that i feel could be fixed. ...

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